Finding the Right Partner

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December 15, 2020

What would you expect to be the dream job for someone working in the tech world?

What are the first companies that come to mind? Google? Amazon? Apple?

These are often the first three at the forefront. They are, arguably, the three most recognizable ones in the field. But there’s one statistic that may surprise you.

Many of the employees at these world-renowned companies don’t stay very long. 

A recent Forbes article cited information from a turnover report from LinkedIn that tech sectors have the highest turnover rate of any business sector (13.2 percent). The article cited the median tenure at Amazon at one year, Google 1.1 years, and Apple at two years.

It’s often hard enough finding the right employee to fill a position. Now, almost as soon as the employee is hired, these industries have to keep their eye out for a replacement. The high amount of turnover has actually driven more power to the candidate than the employer, even during tough economic times. 

But turnover doesn’t only create increase strain on hiring departments. It can halt a project just as quickly as it started. If you are replacing vital employees once they really seem to have a grasp on the work, you are forced to slide in a replacement at a crucial time. This is certainly less than ideal.

Imagine having to re-create goals based on turnover? Or confusion over purchasing or products because an employee (who doesn’t work there anymore) had a project underway that the replacement had no idea about. This can create a tremendous delay in productivity -- which inevitably leads to a loss in revenue.

You don’t want a security lapse due to someone learning the ropes, or employees becoming burnt out from having to work from one transition to another.

On average, it takes 51 days to fill vacancies in the IT industry. Companies spend billions to find employees that may be gone before they learn the names of everyone in the office. Departures can be at the worst time imaginable, and there’s nothing the employer can do about it.

But what if there was another way?

A team of professionals ready to create a partner relationship that can mitigate turnover problems. A team educated on the latest cutting edge technologies with years of experience in the field and aren’t going anywhere. 

A team like Atlas7. Let Atlas7 be a part of the solution. Through our assessments during the buying phase and our detailed road maps, new employees have a clear understanding of what was purchased, why it was purchased, and what the long-term goals were and are. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, which means our engineers can fill knowledge gaps and help companies maintain their course. 

The ability to have a professional and managed services team that knows your ecosystem can save valuable time and complement your team during transitions. Don't be left scrambling when the enviable happens. Have a partner to work with -- not just purchase from.

Is your company struggling with the turnover at vital IT positions? Have transitions caused major projects to be delayed? Get in touch with our experts to speed up your timeline and increase productivity.