Fortify Your Cybersecurity Posture

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June 26, 2020

No one could have foreseen the current state of the world 12 months ago, but one group is always ready to mobilize quickly. Cyber criminals.

And they can find your weaknesses. The lines have been blurred from “work mode” to “play mode” as many of us have the same seat and same computer for all activities. Cyber criminals are looking for their opportunities to pounce on our sometimes lackadaisical mindsets. What are you doing to make sure that you aren’t the next victim? The best start in improving your computer’s security.  

1. Educate

You must be prepared for where you could be at risk. Just like you are wearing your mask when in crowds, your computer needs its virtual covering-up as well. Learn what threats are out there and where you may be vulnerable. Bad actors read the news just like anyone else, so they can lull you in with a catchy headline and lead you to a page you want nothing to be a part of. But it goes beyond clickbait. Threats are constantly coming your way over the Internet, and having the proper and latest security is vital to keep your personal information safe. When a big company is breached and found in the headlines, people seem reminded it could happen to anybody. But the truth is, it could always happen to everyone, so you should feel prepared. With the plethora of potential vulnerability sources, the proper education is a challenge. To manage the multitude of threats, you need a central repository that can process and sift through the situation in moments. Let us help you find the best equipment for the best price to help you feel safe.

2. Discern

Even after educating yourself or you decide to meet with a professional, you still need to understand the data and what it provides. And the real value stems from understanding aggregated information and how it affects your specific internal systems. Through discerning what data is vital for you and relating that to your needs is how true improvements come about. Whether you are searching for analytics, storage, recovery, or potential threats, a trustworthy indicator will decipher the difference between something that needs investigating, or a non-existent threat. Enhanced data also lets you know which parts of your organization is most in need of certain information. Whether it’s network security, intelligence analysts, investigators, engineers or high-level management, the information will end up in the right hands if you have the correct system in place. At Atlas7, we can help you work with the best tools in deciphering data, which will help you eliminate threats before they can even arrive.

3. Protect

At the end of the day, regardless of if this was your car, house, or computer, you’d want to feel protected. Whether you are using your computer for sorting through work data at noon on a Monday, or on a video call with friends at 5 p.m. on a Friday, the last thing you want on your mind are hackers. You don’t want to be thinking about home break ins while sitting with your family for Sunday dinner, why would you want any similar fears on the computer? Once you’ve educated yourself -- maybe already consulted with a professional -- and feel comfortable with the data at hand, let the experts put that to use.

Don’t be the ones rushing for toilet paper when a pandemic hits. Have everything you need already in your house. Lean on outside resources that have created these types of rapid response programs and know the tools that can automate the process seen above.  No reason to reinvent the wheel, set up a time with our team to review your threat response plan and ensure the safety of your organization.