How Internet of Things changed even the mundane

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June 3, 2021

The Internet of things has become more like the Internet of life.

How many smart devices would you say you come across in a month? A day? Or even within an arm's reach of you at this very moment?

Smartphones were the beginning of a new technological transformation. They provided the ability to accomplish a multitude of different tasks in your palm at a moment’s notice. At one point, this seemed impossible. Now, it’s unimaginable not to have these modern conveniences at all times. 

There are more than 21 billion connected “things” collecting data and performing tasks at this moment, according to Gartner. Many of these are in the retail market, such as your phone, watch, speakers, cameras, even vacuums. But many serve a role greater than entertainment. There are sensors, robotics, and medical devices that heavily rely on IoT devices to function and save lives.

The digital and physical worlds are becoming significantly closer with the prevalence of IoT. Predictions are more accurate than ever and direct messaging campaigns are far more effective through these practices and can minimize human error in the process.

IoT creates the ability to connect things once thought un-connectable. Who imagined a robot vacuum you could program on your phone from work to clean your house dozens of miles away? Or all the applications on our phones or computers we couldn’t imagine living without?

This wouldn’t be possible without IoT and our devices being able to communicate with one another over the Internet. IoT was initially designed with businesses and manufacturing in mind with machine-to-machine communication utilized, but now it’s in every home in America daily. 

What once may have seemed like sections pulled out of science fiction has become reality.  

How are you using IoT in your business? Are you creating IoT products and what challenges have you faced in adoption?