What makes Atlas7 different? Being vendor agnostic

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December 22, 2020

Sometimes, less is more. But only one is rarely the answer.

Atlas7 prides itself on being vendor agnostic. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get an overwhelming amount of options thrown your direction. By building relationships with a strong core of reputable vendors, Atlas7 helps deliver clients the most for their money.

Establishing stronger relationships with a short list of key partners can lead to efficiency gains, optimized costs, and stronger business outcomes. Working with fewer vendors can drive efficiency across delivery, deployment, asset management, and services. By doing so, an IT lifecycle becomes easier to manage and enables automated procurement tasks and fewer service-level agreements.

It’s often difficult to consolidate to a single vendor, and may not always be in a client’s best interest anyway. But you don’t need 15 options to get the best match and price for your needs. Working with fewer vendors doesn’t translate to eliminating a company’s ability to negotiate SLAs and pricing against a vendor’s competitors. In fact, allocating spending across a few vendors can allow businesses to take advantage of volume pricing, as well as potential preferential pricing and priority customer service.

Some benefits include: The ability to automate procurement and increase business agility, access to data analytics to optimize purchasing, reduced costs, increased discounts due to preferential, scale or volume pricing and a simplified view that enables effective IT governance and compliance.

This is exactly what you’ll get with a meeting with Atlas7. You won’t be driven to one storage or big data solution -- there will be options. We don’t partner with one endpoint protection team or Cloud partner -- you ultimately decide the best match.

Especially in the midst and hopeful movement to the post COVID-19 environment, digital transformations have been turned upside-down. Projections have been ripped up and started from scratch for many companies around the world, and budgeting has never been more important.

Building and maintaining a few strong relationships can yield stronger results than solely price shopping between an impractical amount of vendors. At Atlas7, we have those relationships and partners already formed. We know where you will get the best results, and how to save money in the process. And it all stems from strong relationships through vendor consolidation.

The right partner should feel like a member of the team -- not an outsider. Schedule a meeting with our experts to find out why the relationships Atlas7 has already formed could be the answer to your tech needs with some of the top vendors out there for less than you’d think.